Exceptional pieces and strong values ​​to make everyone want to join a sunny routine. At Ombrelle, we try to offer a wardrobe of beautiful, durable clothing that protects your skin.

To do this, we have developed a network of solid partners who support us from the quality of the materials to the manufacturing.

We take particular care to select & develop beautiful materials according to strict specifications, to find the cut and the perfect fall of the clothes.

We rigorously select our partner workshops to obtain the best rendering & the best technical performance for each of our parts. While the majority of our parts are made in France and Europe, we also know how to rely on ancestral know-how around the world.

All our parts are developed exclusively in materials certified by an independent laboratory, respectful of the most sensitive skin and the environment.

Each season, Ombrelle presents a line of timeless pieces to create a high-end feminine wardrobe. Icons to take the time to dream and explore.


Concept store engagé pour demain.
29 bis bd Jean Jaurès, Boulogne.

Ile de Ré

Sélection singulière de marques et créateurs émergents et engagés. 
23 Rue du Marché, 17630 La Flotte.


21 Rte de Bessières,
31140 Pechbonnieu


Independent, ethical, and unique brands worldwide.
420 W Broadway, NYC, NY.
419 Broome St, NYC, NY

Corners éphémères

Galeries Lafayette de Toulouse
Galeries Lafayette de Bordeaux
Galeries Lafayette de Biarritz

Pop Up Atelier Artisane, 23 & 24 Septembre
Le Studioh! 12, rue des Salenques, 31000 TOULOUSE.
De 10 H 30 à 18 H 30, en continu.

Station Thermale d'Avène, 6 & 7 Octobre.
Les Bains d’Avène, 34260 Avène
De 9h à 14h.

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