After aesthetics, the contact we have with a garment is essential, it will be our second skin throughout the day. To feel comfortable and have confidence in ourselves, each garment must be comfortable to wear and fit perfectly.

At Ombrelle, all materials are selected with care to provide both luxurious feel and rugged functionality.

The specification is strict, we look for good anti-UV performance first, we are also its composition and try to source materials with the most respectful composition possible for the skin & the environment, without forgetting the first contact we have with it, a touch to die for.
Here we present some of them:


Tencel is a natural cellulose fiber obtained from Eucalyptus wood. It has many advantages such as: neutralizes odors, regulates perspiration, soft and smooth touch, resistant material, durable and eco-friendly outfit.

Supima cotton

Long misunderstood, “Supima” cotton made a remarkable breakthrough in European fashion collections and became one of our flagship materials.

It's under the Texas and California sun “Pima” cotton was born in 1911. Supima cotton is often referred to as the “softest cotton in the world”, only 1% of Pima cotton production for the Supima brand, which is a guarantee of exceptional quality.C is a hypoallergenic fibre, which resists heat and humidity, has incomparable suppleness & softness, resistance, durability and a very pleasant hold.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is cotton grown without chemical fertilizers. The GOTS standard provides a framework for this “organic cotton” certification. This standard applies if the garment contains at least 90% certified organic natural fibers but also if the factory meets certain criteria. They are regularly checked by independent and approved organisations. Organic cotton reduces water pollution by 98% and greenhouse gas emissions by 94%.


Linen is a natural vegetable material renowned for its strength & its high water absorption capacity. It is therefore thermoregulatory. They soak up or release water, depending on climatic conditions, up to 20% of their weight without causing a feeling of humidity to the touch. Its fibers are also very fine and yet very strong. This makes a garment very comfortable to wear and which will resist time and wear.


PES is a synthetic material appreciated for its resistance & elasticity.
If it has many advantages in terms of maintenance & durability, its environmental impact is however significant. To counterbalance at our level, we selected a European supplier and a 100% composition that makes it more easily recyclable. In addition, this material is also Oeko-tex standard 100 certified, to ensure that there is no harmful substance for your skin. In addition, the quality of the fabric and the results obtained during the AS/NZ 4399:2017 certification prevailed.


Hemp is an ecological textile fiber because its cultivation requires very little water.

Highly insulating and absorbent, hemp fiber improves over time with regular washing and wearing. It reveals a new surface that becomes softer with each wash.

It's also UV resistant, hypoallergenic, highly breathable, dries quickly, and won't irritate the skin.

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