Ombrelle is above all a family story, the desire to protect those we love. The story begins when the founder's mother is diagnosed with skin cancer. Ombrelle then imagined pieces combining aesthetics & protection to create exceptional pieces for all free and lively women, who want to be feminine while taking care of their skin. At the origin of Ombrelle, the desire to respond to a not insignificant but yet forgotten societal health problem: the impact of the sun on our skin and our health. A tribute to freedom and to the field of possibilities for all women in search of adventure.


Each model is designed and developed between Toulouse & Paris with attention to every detail: search for the perfect fit, selection of materials according to strict specifications, attention to finishes...

Our pieces are then produced in workshops selected for their know-how and quality manufacturing, in France or in Europe. Ombrelle favors a creation that makes sense: make you want to take care of your skin with pieces in harmony with our values.


Because Ombrelle was born from the story of women and because we have the greatest respect for those who embody it, we are very attentive to the impact of our choices. The requirement, for quality, love for detail, so that our pieces are worn often and loved for a long time.
Environmental & societal responsibility, for the composition of our materials & their eco-responsible certifications as well as our local production based on long-term partnerships & respect for the work of our employees.
Innovation to choose soft materials that take care of all skin types thanks to their certification according to the AS/NZ 4399:2017 standard to guarantee more than 96% UV protection.