How else do pre-orders work?

Pre-ordering is the simple idea of ​​only manufacturing purchased parts, in other words, it allows us to launch production according to the number of parts ordered and to adjust as best we can for avoid too much stock and therefore less waste.
For your part, this system allows you to acquire a part at the fairest price by saving storage costs and dealer margins. This is the model that allows us to offer you the best prices while being uncompromising on quality.

Rediscover the pleasure of taking the time

You order, then we start making the clothes and finally we deliver to you. A later delivery is also an opportunity to reconsider our relationship to time. It allows you to savor (perhaps more intensely) the moment when the package is unpacked.

Pieces for now & for a long time

Our wardrobe goes against the constant rhythm of collections. A bias that puts the product back in the center and promotes a lucid and sustainable purchase that is not influenced by trends or seasonality, just you.