Before Ombrelle, my relationship with social networks went through all the phases... from passionate to toxic to platonic...

Can digital be as inspiring as it is harmful?

I think Ombrelle has allowed me to use digital to its best advantage. It's an incredible tool to connect with all stakeholders & people who can have an impact on you and your project from near or far (especially in the covid period). It is also a source of daily challenge and inspiration!

When I started telling myself that I wanted to give this idea a chance, which was taking up more and more space, I very quickly felt the need to talk to other entrepreneurs, associations, potential partners and people affected by the problem. What could be better than digital to gather and make your idea known?

So I simply sent messages to people who had created their businesses or were in the process of doing so. I remember the dance of joy when Katia Sanchez replied to my message! I was super flattered & happy that she gave me some time. Since then, I've had the chance to have lots of other little dances in front of my screen and great exchanges.

What the Ombrelle experience has taught me is that to innovate, you have to listen. Finding new solutions is also about detecting unresolved problems.

As a person and an entrepreneur, I try to do the best I can, but not everything can be perfect right away and all the time. The goal is to progress together!

Another point that seems important to me is that it is up to us to humanize the digital so that it brings us together and resembles us.

At least that's what I want for Ombrelle. I would like a community where you feel free to talk about your joys as well as your difficulties, successes and misses!

Networks should be a tool for getting in touch and creating links, not the other way around. It is ultimately up to us to publish quality content and promote "real" and concrete exchanges!

How about we get in touch? Say hello on our networks by here, there or again over there :)

17 April, 2021