Why creating
sun protective


That's true, why would we want to protect ourselves from the sun?

Ultraviolet rays are invisible and do not heat up .... When there is wind or clouds, we feel a certain coolness, but the amount of UV we receive is not diminished. This probably explains some memories of painful sunburns, without having felt anything coming.

So we are talking about UVA & UVB. UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis and are the cause of spots, wrinkles and skin aging. UVB rays penetrate less deeply into the dermis but are responsible for burns and most skin cancers.

Sunscreen is great, but do you know when you applied it? Whether you need to add more or not?
This is one of the real benefits of sun protective clothing, which completes the range of protection for your skin.


UV-resistant clothing filters and blocks ultraviolet radiation. They provide lasting protection all day long.


This is not your usual clothes


According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, a standard cotton t-shirt has an average UPF of 10. While it feels well protected, the UV will still pass through.

By the way, dis you know? Below a UPF15 index, the garment cannot be considered as UV protective.


Would you like to discover the secret of ombrelle clothing?

A fabric whose properties block light and prevent UV rays from passing through. A tighter mesh, and in some cases a special treatment for an even more optimal efficiency, make it possible to stop UV rays better than traditional clothing.

While the term SPF (on sunscreens) reflects a theoretical exposure time, UPF measures the ability of a textile to filter UV.

Thus, to be able to use "UPF 50+" on a textile, it must have been certified by an independent laboratory. The laboratory tests the amount of ultraviolet rays filtered by the fabric and validates (or not) that the fabric reaches the threshold required to obtain the UPF 50+ certification.

UPF 25 to 39
filters 96% to 97.4% of rays.
UPF 40 to 50
filters 97.5% to 98% of rays.
UPF 50+
filters over 98% of rays.

How to make sure you comply with the standards?

We make a point of ensuring you the best quality of clothing for your daily life.

Therefore, we have chosen to perform tests in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Standard (AS / NZS 4399: 2017), which is the world's most stringent standard for sun protection.


Each of the textiles developed & selected passes the tests and we thus ensure the quality of our process. You can find the test results on each product page.


Protect your body, protect yourself from the sun!

We repeat ourselves, but exposure to UV rays has a cumulative effect. The damage thus begins at an early age, even if it is not visible.
They amplify throughout life, hence the importance of taking care of your skin from an early age.

So protect yourself and those you love with glasses, hat, UV protection clothing and sunscreen! We need to adopt good habits to finally take care and protect our sun capital!


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