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More then 80.000 people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in France. Also one French out of three has skin problems and more or less severe dermatological pathologies. Many reasons can weaken and fragilize your skin (medical treatment, premature ageing, allergies, …). After the diagnosis, these persons can’t expose their skin to sunlight anymore and have to change their habits.

One of the first changes is the way they dress, a key element to daily protect their skin. However, it is difficult nowadays to find UV-protection outfits which are not beach or sportswear.

You have to know that a regular cotton outfit has in average a UPF 10 !

In order to be properly protected, it is necessary to add a UV-protection in our daily routine.


Ombrelle was created to offer a new solution.

Ombrelle has only one target: protect every skin by offering outfits that we can wear daily and which we feel good wearing.

From thinking
to acting

Create a virtuous circle for quality outfits, discover our commitments.


Outfits to ensure the highest level of protection

The perfect UV-protection solution does not exist yet. But we are looking for the best methods on the market today.

Fabrics as natural as possible, respecting the environment and our skin, but above all with the highest level of technicity and protection: UPF 50 !

We want to offer you only the best.


Outfits designed
to last

We think it is important to produce less but better.

So we do not wish to design a new collection each season, but we would rather create essentials, timeless clothes which can be worn often and can be loved for a long time.


Participate to a more sustainable fashion

Beyond the alternative of skin protection, we also wish to contribute to a more sustainable fashion.

Therefore, we focus on a 100% pre-order sale system. With this model: no waste, no stock and no unsold goods. This approach also allows us to optimize our orders and offer you a high-end outfit for a reasonable price.


We protect your skin but it is not the only thing…

As a responsible brand, we would like to favour short-circuits and have a positive social impact.

Each of our products are created and designed with love between Toulouse and Paris thanks to the experience of our partner Bureau 25 mai with whom we have also selected the best European fabrics providers (France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain). About the manufacturing, we finalize the outfits creation in a small workshop in Saint Omer (North of France) and then our partner Ruko launch the production of your clothes in Eastern Europe workshops for example in Bulgaria, Ukraine or Poland.

Who is Ombrelle for?

Protecting your skin while being yourself is now possible.

you are

Outfits adapted to every kind of skins, morphologies, ages and soon gender.


you are

Outfits adapted to daily life and activities and to all seasons.


you wish it

Each product has been designed to be worn according to your needs, with a maximum protection and more casualness.



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